Special Events

What an absolutely extra special event! We had some world class entertainment given to us by Mikael Neumann and Lars Holm. Plus we were treated with a special performance by one of our guests, another just exceptional entertainer, Owe Thörnqvist. But that was not all – in the audience we had the honor to have an extremely well known jazz violinist – Svend Asmussen!  If you were not there this afternoon you missed something very special!




November 14, 2007, the Swedish Club of Sarasota had the opportunity to present Barbro Svensson or “Lill-Babs” as her adoring countrymen know her. Yes, this was a ‘sold out’ event. More than 120 singing, clapping and laughing Swedes packed the Community Foundation on a Wednesday night to be entertained by a whirlwind of talent.

Lill-Babs managed to turn a plain-vanilla meeting room into a Las Vegas cabaret, mesmerizing the crowd with her heartfelt storytelling, ribald jokes and a mix of tear-jerking ballads and rousing popular hits from a career that spans five decades.

Lill-Babs presented familiar tunes suchnas “Achy Breaky Heart” and “Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini”. In all, a sincere, high-energy performance, not to mention the unexpected treat of Benneth Fagerlund’s beautiful harmonies and keyboard accompaniment.

It was indeed a very special evening to all who had the opportunity to be part of this event – with much thanks to Mick and Hans Johnsson, Swedish Club Members and personal friends of Lill-Babs, but also to the Swedish Ladies Group, to SWEA of Tampa Bay and to the Swedish Club of Sarasota. Photo of Lill-Babs by Ingrid Peterson – and last but not least, Thank you, Lill-Babs! for making this stop with us here on the Sun Coast of Florida during your USA visit. We cannot but say “Most Welcome Back” anytime when on this continent.

Our fall event is typically a Reception, with a Guest Speaker or Entertainment Guest. Recent Guest Speakers have included Ulf Nilson and Lars Henrik Ottoson, both contributing Editors of ‘Nordstjernan’, the oldest Swedish Newspaper in the United States. Ulf Nilson is also a regular columnist in the Swedish Daily Newspaper ‘Expressen’. Lars Henrik Ottoson is by many remembered as one of the first reporters of the Swedish National TV and, as the reporter at Yankee Stadium in NY when Ingemar “Ingo” Johnanson knocked out Floyd Paterson for the Heavy Weight Boxing title in June of 1959.

Ulf Sandström - Aino Heimerson - Ulf Nilson

Ulf Sandström, Aino Heimerson and Ulf Nilson

Karin Ehnbom_3

Karin Ehnbom

Most recent Guest Speaker was Karin Ehnbom, Secretary General of “Swedes Abroad”. Karin Ehnbom, meritorious background from several top assignments in the Swedish Foreign Office, including serving as Sweden’s Ambassador to Mexico and Australia shared with members and guests what does “Swedes Abroad” (Svenskar i Världen) do for you … For more information go to their web site: www.sviv.se

In 2005, we enjoyed the presentation by Stig Dalström. The title of the talk was “Rare jewels of the Andres”, a slide presentation of various “Rare Jewels”, both botanical and human, encountered during many years of traveling in the Andean cloud forests. A travelogue with anecdotes and artwork as well as orchid and jungle pictures, in a laid-back fashion.


Stig Dahlström